About us

Meet the amazingly skilled people we work with

Our history

We are a UK based team, with over 35 years of ERP, Accounting, ecommerce and Business Systems experience between us. Our expertise in knowing how businesses function on a core level, how the various business systems interact and often integrate has allowed us to develop this Software with yours and your customers' best interests at the fore.

Why use traditional Point of Sale tills and outdated peripheral hardware, with little or no link to information about their customers. In retail there's always so much emphasis on optimising the Customer’s experiences, but what about the Sales Teams' experiences (your b2b field sales team, your in store sales assistants, your self service Kiosk set up and even your van driver delivering to local stores/branches). If you can arm them with a tool that can tell your end customers what they want to buy, or should be buying (all based on real data stored in your Magento and ERP systems) then we’re in a position where we’re revolutionising the sales cycle. We felt that there was an opportunity to bridge the data gap between powerful, data rich ecommerce platforms and your most front facing tool in the business; your POS system. So we embarked on a 3 year journey to develop a POS system which would meet today’s digital commerce needs. .

Our skills

  • Web Development 91%

  • Web integrations 97%

  • Website Management 80%

  • App development 98%

Ryan Pluckrose

UX Developer

Senior FE and UX Developer, who can turn his hand to anything; with a focus on making your website or app come to life.

Michelle Picillo


A business and marketing exec, which now pulls together various experiences in the ERP, ecommerce and accounting arenas.

Rob McLean

Technical Architect

Rob has many year's experience leading technical projects, including integrations with Magento and a broad selection of ERP and warehouse systems. This experience led to him heading up the development of the MDLware BaaS software.

Will Man

Backend Developer

Will is a talented BE developer; experience with working on multiple platforms and software integrations.